The final day of the Siberian Historical Forum was marked by panel discussion Post-Soviet Siberia: Transformation Prospects.

The first to speak was Alexander Chumikov, Doctor of Political Sciences, professor, vice president of the Russian Association for Public Relations, director general of the International Press Club, whose speech was devoted to the combination of transformation projects and communication strategies.

“Transformation is a change with the help of socio-economic projects, in which communication strategies in the form of support, promotion and branding must work,” stressed Alexander Chumikov. “Now in many sources you can read that the Yenisey Siberia is a territorial brand that unites Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Khakassia and the Tyva Republic, which together form a unique land. We must understand that when we talk about promotion, we mean development of the territory in any case: any brand promotion program must be part of a socio-economic project. As for the Yenisey Siberia territorial brand, I propose to found a directorate of the Brand of Siberia project, and then form an approximate program according to this formula – 10-100-2030: 10 cities selected on a competitive basis, 100 leading objects and achieving the result by 2030. It is important that entry into this program is competitive, and subsequent promotion is carried out according to real indicators.”

Igor Astapov, deputy head of the Representative Office of MMC Norilsk Nickel in Krasnoyarsk Territory, proposed to supplement Alexander Chumikov’s formula: “In addition to 100 objects, this formula needs at least 30-50 events because, from the point of view of the communication strategy, events are no less important than objects, provided that this event should be based on the infrastructure prepared for it. In the mid-2000s, the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum attracting the attention of the whole country, a student ball and other events  appeared in Krasnoyarsk. Currently, Krasnoyarsk Territory continues to move along this path: Winter Universiade 2019 and other major sports events, the Siberian Historical Forum – undoubtedly, all this contributes to the promotion of the region. Attraction to the territory of Siberia and other large regions of some important, noticeable, bright events, which will be newsworthy, plays a very important role for the development of the territory.”

Continuing the topic of territorial branding, Candidate of Philosophy, associate professor of the Department of Philosophy of Siberian Federal University Pavel Poluyan added that “a brand is an intellectual property that allows increasing the capitalization of a territory.”